Release notes / April – July 2021

The new update of the Ventor app (Odoo inventory app for Odoo Community and Enterprise), version 2.2.1 (1.8.2 on Google Play), is here.

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Release notes for the version 2.2.0 – 2.2.1

  • Added ‘Print settings’ (user can configure printers for PrintNode module directly in the app).
  • Added the ‘Print Shipping Labels’ button in the Warehouse Operations menu.
  • Implemented the ‘Check Availability’ feature in the Batch picking menu.
  • Settings for operation types now are configurable on the Odoo side (with the latest version of Odoo Ventor Base app installed).
  • Now possible to apply the same lot number to split line.

Release notes for the version 2.1.9

  • Fixed split operations for Lots while receiving.
  • UI and UX fixes and improvements.

Release notes for the version 2.1.8

  • Insert expiration date for Lots/Serial numbers easily on receiving.
  • Added the new setting ‘Open details screen first’ to see transfer details before picking. 
  • Added the ‘Carrier’ filter in the Warehouse Operations menu.
  • Improvements to the Putaway menu (split products, supporting packages). 
  • Fixed applying lot while picking the wave (batch) for Odoo 10.

Release notes for the version 2.1.7

  • Hot fix of product sorting within the batch.
  • Added the possibility to scan a license key rather than inserting it manually.
  • Added the Ukrainian language pack.
  • General bugfix and improvements.

Release notes for the version 2.1.6

  • Added the Putaway management menu.
  • Added barcode commands. Now you can scan barcode commands instead of clicking on buttons to speed up warehouse operations.
  • New design of the app’s main screen.

Release notes for the version 2.1.5

  • ‘Mark as ToDo’ button for Receipt, fixed opening pickings for Odoo 11.
  • Increased size buttons for tablets.

Release notes for the version 2.1.4

  • Fixed the Manufacturing menu for Odoo 14.
  • Fixed bugs for package management.

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