Ventor: Odoo barcode app for your inventory

The best in class warehouse management app
for Odoo Enterprise and Community


Ventor app pricing

14-day free trial

Price is not limited to users but only by scanners!

Ventor mobile app is your best mobile assistant for Odoo Inventory management. Pay only for the number of scanners you are using for picking and not for system users!


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  • Pay as you go
  • Can be customized
  • PRO Support
  • Discounts up to 30%*
  • Provide Odoo services*
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  • One-time payment
  • Can be customized
  • 3 latest Odoo versions
  • 3 years of PRO support
  • Provide Odoo services*
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* In case of 10+ licenses

What customers are saying about Ventor app


The Ventor app has been a game changer for us. It has dramatically increased our efficiency, made order picking and processing so easy. The app is very easy to use the UI is very straightforward. Our team loves it and we are continuing improving it and the process we have, in order to get the best out of the app and to keep making our operations better

Caleb Donald
Astir Australia, Australia, New South Wales, Bowral

Thanks for great support till now, we get used to Ventor app more and more as we use it very often and maybe have to purchase more both devices and licenses for our client, as there are many cases they can handle with Ventor app fast and easy

Johann Wall
cube48 AG, Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Scherfede

We tried Ventor and after some testing found the app very useful. We just started using scanners in our warehouse and your app is way better than the standard Odoo barcode module.

Sander de Waal
Bathroom Store, Netherlands, Gelderland, Harderwijk

Hi Ventor team! Thank you for a great app and for your time and help in optimizing our warehouse. All working very well!

Health Store, US

We are very satisfied. Works really good. I recommended your app to our odoo partner in Spain.
We have taken inventory of all our products (+4000) and located in more than 1600 locations in a single day.
Ventor has helped us to simplify our pick, pack and ship processes in a very fast and safe way

Arnau Birba
Solter, Spain, Campdevànol

I want to say you thank you and congratulations … you app is just wonderfull. Fast, sharp, easy … looking forward to deploy it on more devices

Sébastien Roelens
Amixys, France, Fabrègues

Excellent app, great support and extended functionality. All warehouse operations are made in seconds. Many thanks to developers

Dan Dragulinescu
GravoLAB, Romania, Câmpulung

Your solution is very easy to use and deploy… Is very intuitive and really powerful to improve logistics operations… I am very happy with this opportunity of integrating your solutions with our portfolio of services and supply chain solutions… Thanks again for your support…

Julio Fiallos
Visión Estratégica, Ecuador, Guayas, Guayaquil

The Ventor App team has done a great job developing a great barcode scanning and printer app. Good user interface, settings are intuitively accessible in the app. As well the response time of their support is very good. Highly recommended.

Job Verbunt
Equipe Trading, Netherlands, Gilze

I found Ventor PRO on the internet while looking for a better barcode solution for Odoo than the out of the box Odoo solution. The product and team have both been great so far. We appreciate the service!

Samuel Grant
Data Center Operations, USA, Florida, Miami

Hey, you guys rock!! Your barcode scanning app and direct print module is really good…

Don Lester
Sounds Good Stereo, USA, Tennessee, Mount Juliet
1 000

More than 1 000 warehouses use the app around the world daily


Orders inside a batch can be picked at the same time in an optimal way

5 000

5 000 warehouse workers are getting their picking lists assigned by managers


Yes, you can. Activate a subscription using your credit card to use the app for 14 days for free. You can cancel the subscription at any time if you don’t like the app or let us know what the important feature is a must for you. We can discuss the implementation!

You can find more info about the app here:
On our YouTube channel –
Quick start guide –
Guides in our blogs
Ventor PRO works with Odoo 15, Odoo 16 & Odoo 17 (the three latest Odoo versions) community and enterprise editions. We also support older versions starting from Odoo 8 to Odoo 14, but you might not find all the new features. The app works with handheld scanners, mobile phones, or any other devices with Android 5.0 and higher. Windows OS and iOS are not supported.
There are no functional differences.

However, it’s not possible to have customisations in the app from Google Play. Moreover, you won’t get access to license management to activate or deactivate devices remotely for your employees or any new scanners you bought.

If you don’t need any customisations and you work in a small business, Google Play is your version. If you want to add custom fields, add a new menu, want to control your employees, you have to buy the Ventor PRO version from our website here

You can’t apply the key from the Ventor PRO version to the Google play version and vice versa.
One Ventor PRO license activation is for one device. It doesn’t matter how many users you have. For example, if you have employees that work in two shifts, two users can use one device, one after another.
End customers purchase licenses directly from the site ( Partners that have led new clients have a commission from all new orders that are paid by their end customers. Partner will get a commission as long as the end customer prolongs the licenses. Contact us for details.

To become a partner you need to just let us know about it and have at least one prospect who is interested in purchasing the app. Each partner gets a free license of Ventor PRO. The partnership is valid for 6 months. If the partner has no sales he loses their partner status. A partner has to pay for all wire transfer fees.

We are open to discussing custom options as well.
– Please check our full FAQ –
– Our quick start guide –
– Look through videos on our YouTube channel –
– And articles in our blog –

If you haven’t found an answer, you can contact us. There are a few ways to get support:
– Use the “Leave feedback” menu inside the app (preferred as we get some technical info from the app)
– Send an email to us at or
– Fill in a contact form on this website

Principles of the support:
– Customers get support and feature requests in first
– We release new features and fixing bugs one time per month
– We fix stopper issues and bugs-blockers within 24 hours
– If you have troubles with the app, please record a video to show the issue. Issues with a video get priority support and we usually resolve them way faster

If something doesn’t work with the app (e.g., you can’t validate a transfer or get error messages while trying to make internal transfers), please make sure that you have no the same issues on the Odoo side first. In most cases, such issues are related to Odoo and not to the Ventor app.
– You can pay yearly (69 EUR – 99 EUR) or buy a lifetime version of the app (399 EUR)
– One license you paid can be activated on one device but many users can log in under one device (one at a time)
– We are open to discussing custom options or dedicated prices for your individual situation
– Odoo Partners who suggest Ventor app to their clients are earning a sales commission (read more above if FAQ)
As an official Zebra partner, we recommend using the newest devices provided by Zebra Technologies: MC15, TC21/TC26, MC3300, etc. However, you are not limited by one supplier. Check out Newland, Honeywell, CipherLab, ScanSKU, etc. Minimum hardware requirements: 2Gb of RAM (better to have 3Gb+ of RAM) and 4.5″ screen (better 5″+ screen).
Here are short summary of advantages of Ventor over Odoo Enterprise Barcode:

– Specialized native mobile app for Odoo Inventory management
– More settings, access rights and features related to inventory
– More efficiently guide and route your pickers and warehouse staf
– UI and UX are designed based on the best in class inventory apps
– Easy to customize and then migrate to the newest Odoo versions
– Fully integrated into the VentorTech ecosystem (direct printing, scaling, etc.)
– Dedicated support team to help and consult your business
Find more here

Check out the full FAQ here