How to use a barcode reader with the Ventor app

odoo barcode reader

In this guide, you will learn how to connect a Bluetooth or Wired barcode reader to your android mobile device via Ventor (inventory management app for Odoo ERP) to speed up your warehouse operations.
odoo barcode reader
You can also connect a barcode scanner to your Odoo WMS in other ways:


  1. Install the Ventor app on your device (Download Demo APK);
  2. Connect to your Odoo instance (Odoo 8 – Odoo 13, CE and EE);
  3. Connect your external barcode scanner through bluetooth to mobile phone or tablet;
  4. Activate appropriate setting in Ventor app. Go to the settings menu > ‘Ventor configurations’ and turn on the setting “External barcode scanner”;

odoo barcode reader

  1. To check how it works you can go to “Info” menu and scan a barcode of any product you have using the external scanner.

We also made for you this short video instruction:

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