Release notes / August – September 2021

The new update of the Ventor app (Odoo inventory app for Odoo Community and Enterprise), version 2.2.3 (1.8.3 on Google Play), is here.

Update your app to the latest version to get new features.

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Release notes for the version 2.2.3

  • Added the ‘Autocomplete the item quantity field’ setting in the ‘Warehouse operations’ menu
  1. Automatically inserts expected quantity. 
  2. No need to enter the quantity of goods using the keyboard or using scanning
  • Added the ‘Apply quantity automatically’ setting in the ‘Warehouse operations’ menu
  1. Automatically validate the line after scanning a destination location. 
  2. Warning: you have to insert QTY first before destination location
  • Hide icons on the toolbar for each operation type with ‘Show ‘Put in pack’ button’ and ‘Show ‘Print attachments’ button’ settings in the ‘Warehouse operations’ menu
  • Now putaway locations are visible in the ‘Warehouse operations’ menu (Chose putaway location button) and the ‘Putaway’ menu (Change destination location button)
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  • Improved lot management for the ‘Warehouse operations’ and the ‘Internal transfers’ menus
  • General bugfix and improvements

Release notes for the version 2.2.2

  • Added the option to hide theoretical qty in the “Inventory Adjustments” menu
  1. Do not let the user see the theoretical quantity
  • Added the “Address type” for the contact on the contact list
  • Added the “Check shipping information” before validate OUT transfers in the “Warehouse operations” menu
  1. If the setting is active the user can edit shipping information before validate OUT transfer
  • Added “Validate” button for “Waiting” transfers in the “Warehouse Operations” menu
  • Fixed work with SN in the “Internal transfers” menu

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