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Every day we receive a dozen emails with different questions, requests, and wishes. Thank you for being actively involved in our project! We decided to collect all frequently asked questions in one place. Let’s go!

Can I try the app before purchase?
What Odoo versions are supported?
Do you have hardware requirements?
How do I buy Ventor licenses?
What is the difference between the PRO version from the site and Google Play version?
Where can I find Ventor guides?
How can I upgrade my license to use it on more devices?
How can I renew Ventor licenses?
How can I manage the licensing and activation? Do I activate it per device?
How can I switch my Ventor license to my new device?
Do you offer a white-label version?
I need a new feature. Is it possible to develop it?
Can I hide some menus from users?
Can I participate in the translation of the app?
When is the IOS version expected?
How to configure the pick locations?
Where do I find the Privacy Policy model?
How can I cancel my subscription?

Can I try the app before purchase?

Yes, you can. Click here to download
And watch this video describing full process


What Odoo versions are supported?

Ventor app supports Odoo v8 and higher Community and Enterprise.


Do you have hardware requirements?

Ventor app works on any Android Handheld scanner or another device with Android 5.0 and higher (it partially supports Android 4.1+). Technical requirements are next:

  • 2Gb of RAM (better to have 3Gb)
  • Android 5.1+ (better to have 7.0+)
  • 4-inch screen (better 5″+)

As an official Zebra partner, we recommend using the newest devices provided by Zebra Technologies: TC21/TC26, MC3300, etc. However, you are not limited by one supplier. Check out Newland, Honeywell, CipherLab, ScanSKU, etc.

Windows OS is not supported!


How do I buy Ventor licenses?

You need to add any amount of licenses into the shopping cart. You can buy licenses using Stripe (paying with a card) or bank transfer (in case of bulk purchase). Follow this video to buy Ventor or get free trial.


What is the difference between the PRO version from the site and Google Play version?

There are no functional differences. However you can’t customize Google play version at all. Additionally you will not get access to license management to activate or deactivate devices remotely for your employees.

From the other side with Google play version you will be able to use 1 key for 3 personal devices under the same Google account. So, if you don’t need customizations and you work in small familly business then go with the Google play version.

If you want to add some features in the future or you have employees, you need to buy the PRO version from our website here

Where can I find Ventor guides?

– Please check our full FAQ –
– Our quick start guide –
– Look through videos in our YouTube channel –
– And articles in our blogs –

If you haven’t found an answer, you can contact us. There are a few ways to get support:
– Use the “Leave feedback” menu inside the app (preferred as we get some technical info from the app)
– Send an email to us at or
– Fill in a contact form on this website

Principles of the support:
– Customers get support and feature requests in first
– Cosmetics fixes are planned for one time per month
– Bottlenecks and big issues with the app are resolved within 24 hours
– If you have troubles with the app, please record a video to show the issue. Issues with a video get support priority and usually get resolved faster

If something doesn’t work with the app (e.g., you can’t validate a transfer or get error messages while trying to make internal transfers), please make sure that you have no the same issues on the Odoo side first. In most cases, such issues are related to Odoo and not to the Ventor app.

How can I upgrade my license to use it on more devices?

If you already have a license, you can just extend it (buy more activations for the same license key). Follow this instruction:

  1. Go to your account –
  2. Find your license and click “View Upgrades”

  3. Insert needed amount of activations (in addition to existing) and click “Upgrade License”
  4. Go through checkout process

How can I renew Ventor licenses?

Log In on the using your account -> Go to “My Licenses” -> Choose the license and click on the button “Renew for 1 year” -> Go through the payment process.


How can I manage the licensing and activation? Do I activate it per device?

Yes, you can do it. You can buy X licenses and then activate them per device using a license code. For example, you buy 10 licenses. We send you the license’s code: 123-456-789. You may activate it for any 10 android devices. You can manage all activated devices in your personal account.


How can I switch my Ventor license to my new device?

  1. Log in to your account on
  2. Find related license
  3. Click “Manage Devices”
  4. Choose your device from the list and click deactivate. You can find device ID in the “About” menu inside the Ventor app
    Or directly from the app

After that, you can use the license on another device.

How can I switch my Ventor license to my new device?

Log in on the using your account:

  • Go to “My Licenses”
  • Choose the license and click on the button Manage
  • Choose your device from the list and click deactivate.

After that, you can use the license on another device.


Do you offer a white-label version?

In most cases, partners are asking for changing the logo. It’s free and you can do it with our free Odoo app. So you can have a custom look and feel of the application. But we don’t provide the source code to be resold as a completely other product.


I need a new feature. Is it possible to develop it?

Custom development service is available for any user. Drop us an email with a business description. We will estimate the effort and you can give a green light after the payment.


Can I hide some menus from users?

Yes, you can fully manage access rights per user and show only needed menus (e.g. Warehouse operations and Inventory Adjustments only). For this, you need to install our free Odoo app for ventor access rights management and make a configuration per user on the Odoo side.


Can I translate the app to another language?

By default, the app works with the default device’s language. In most cases it’s English, but if you have French / German language on your phone (handheld), you will see translation ON. Drop us an email if you want to participate in translation. We will add you to the close group of translators.


When is the IOS version expected?

Ventor app has no iOS version and we won’t do this. The app was developed to work with mobile computers (connect barcode scanners and handheld terminals to Odoo Inventory), not phones. If you need to use it on your phone, it should be an Android phone (connects your mobile camera as a barcode scanner to Odoo).


How to configure the pick locations?

In order to pick products by zones, you need to configure Warehouse routes in Odoo that will combine all lines from one warehouse zone into one picking. Watch the video – (1:40 – 7:30). Then you can open these transfers in the Ventor app and process the pickings in a particular zone. You can also assign pickers to related transfers.

Where do I find the Privacy Policy model?

You can find the document here Privacy Policy

How can I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel the subscription at any time in your personal account as well as you can reactivate canceled subscription.

CBDO at VentorTech


Good Day…I have checked various resources througout the internet where you can deploy Odoo ona single machine with multiple instances with ofcourse different ports..
But is it possible to deploy odoo online using one public ip but with multiple instances?
Like forexample I will have and… Is it possible? Port will surely remain 80 but instances may be multiple?
I tried somehting like apache2 or wsgi but couldnt succeed..
Please Guide

Hi Mazhar,
It is possible to configure such a setup. Note that it will work slightly differently from what you described. It will use subdomain instead of URL.
That is actually how Odoo SaaS works. It takes not more than 9 hours in order to configure such setup.
Thank you for your question.

Any update to the iOS development progress? This app is sorely needed. With the new CMS, Odoo has become a very attractive platform that I can’t ignore any longer. Hope to get some good news soon!

Hi Kevin, I will send to you our iOS proposal. Soon will plan to statr a fundraising campaign. The development of this application is very expensive. Thank you for your question.

Hello June,
we are thinking about iOS version, but we have not enough requests to start development. At least for now, but if you have at least 200-300 users/potential customers we can discuss how to speed up development.
Another big reason why we use android OS only is because professional equipment for warehouses supports Android OS (computers, terminals, barcode scanners, high protected mobile phones etc). We are Zebra (Motorola) official partner and provide their equipment to all Rainbowchain™ (WMS for 3PL companies based on Odoo 8 – and Odoo customers that have warehouse.
All those devices work with android (old ones work with Windows).
This equipment uses around the world as the best solution in supply chain industry.

Good day
I have just installed the app and would like to test it against a real database. I remember back in 2014 I was able to test it against my own server for a trial period, but I don’t see that option any longer in the new version, that seems forced to a fixed DB and Demo_User.
I wanted to show the app to a possible customer, would it be posible to test it against the customer own DB?
Thank you

Hello Manuel,
if you tried the app before it remembers that you already tested it on the device for free.
That is why you do not have access to your database.
So if you want to try our apps (mERP and mEPR Warehouse) for free (15 days trial), you can do it through google play.
mEPR app –
mERP Warehouse app –
If you already used it from GP, you need to change the devices + create/change your google account.
Thank you.

Thank you for your answer.
I tested it a year ago on an Xperia Z1 just out of curiosity, and now I have a customer interested in purchasing a license, so I’m trying to install it in a PC using Bluestack (Android emulator) so I can project on a big screen for demo and training of the customer. This PC is a completely different device than the one I tried a year ago.
I did install mERP on Bluestack through Play Store, but I can’t find where can I select another user or another connection, it seems I’m stuck at the Demo_User and demo DB. Maybe I’m doing something wrong, just can’t find where to change connection and user.

Hello, Manuel, the only one problem that you can have is using the same google account.
As I mentioned before the app remember that you use:
1. Device
2. Google account
So if you change a device but download the app from google play using the same google account (to have access to the Google Play you need to have Gmail account). Please try to create a new google account, log in with it on your new “device” and try to download mERP again using the new account.
Let me know if you need help.
Thank you.

We have a customer that plans implementing Odoo and needs MERP Warehouse mobile application. Odoo has lounched version 9, so we need to know if you plan in supporting this version and it would be great if we could get an estimated date for this.
Thank you.

Hello, I am also interested in mEPR for iOS.
In today’s world (2016!), we’re used to accessing our cloud information on any platform on the go. Not having it on mobile is a deal breaker, and opportunities for another market segment(like me) will be forced to look into other services that can offer that.
Nonetheless, I trust that you’ll finalize it with great success soon (I see comments since 2014..)
Thank you and all the best.

Hello Adrian,
unfortunately, we have not iOS version. Around 10% of all requests related to iOS version. It’s too low to develop the app because of complexity and costs. We should receive more requests to think about iOS. We are an official Zebra (Motorola) partner. Zebra devices such as MC3200 and MC40 (mobile computers, barcode printers, barcode scanners, RFID tag etc.) works on android OS only. That is another reason why we work with Android OS only (at least now).
Now we are working on offline mode feature. It’s complex feature, but a lot of people ask us about it.
Hope to release the first version in April 2016.

My Customer is one of the biggest Retailer in US and would like to implement Odoo Warehouse management system, but I am not sure whether Odoo 8 or ver 9 supports handheld devices for pickers to carryout their tasks remotely in the warehouse?. Please clarify. Not sure, whether Odoo WMS application can be opended in a hendheld devices in a Wireless environment??

I am using an “Google free” Adroid (Cyanogenmod) Device with no access to Google Play, no GMail and no other Google Services. Is it possible to use your MERP App anyhow?

What is the differences between the mERP app and the mERP Warehouse app ?
We like to use a Android smartphone as a barcodescanner for example inventory and all other items in Odoo community edition 9 for example.
How must i understand your definition, can you give us an example ? Direct connection to Odoo ?
“mERP” is only Odoo mobile app that can access to all Odoo modules even custom ones.
“mERP Warehouse” allows to manage Odoo WMS and use android phone or tablet as a barcode scanner with a direct connection to Odoo.

Hi Lee,
the mERP and Ventor apps support Odoo 11.
Due to a lot of changes in Odoo 11 some features might be not the same as on Odoo 10.
Also, some issues still might be there.
I suggest downloading the test app from the home page or Google Play.
Test then and if you have any issues let me know.
We will help you.

hereby also interest for 10 users in an iOS app, your Android version will be evaluated this week 😉

Hello mERP Administrator
As you said one of the main reasons prevent you from developing IOS version is device compatibility. (because professional equipment for warehouse operations supports Android OS – mobile computers, barcode printers, barcode scanners, RFID tag etc.
As I know this is used for Ventor (formerly mERP Warehouse). Why you don’t provide MERP for both IOS and Android but Ventor just for Android?

Hello Mohamed,
the iOS version required a lot of investments in development.
We have just a few requests about the iOS version, so it’s not reasonable to develop.
We are open to discussing the development of the iOS version in case of investments from any company.

Hello, how does offline mode work for billing and recording payments? I need 3 people to be able to generate invoices in areas where there is no internet connection and also to register payments on the invoices, and then then the device connects to the Internet everything syncs.
I’m keeping an eye on your answer. Thank you

Hi Juan,
the offline mode is not available in mERP app.
If you want to have the app you mention we need to develop a custom one for you.
Drop us an email on if you are interested in.

Hemangi Rupareliya

Hello Guys,
I am using Licence version of Ventor app. I am facing one issue on ‘Instant Inventory’ menu of Ventor app. This menu doesn’t updates qty. Also there is no selection for lot/serial number.
Please guide about ‘Instant Inventory’.

Hello. This is Brad.
We are using Odoo 14 (Community) installed locally as On-Premise.
I’m using Ventor Pro 2.3.0 just fine on my Mobile Scanner (Android 6.0).
A while ago, I tried to use it on a Samsung Tablet (Android 10), so I got a license, installed it, and tried to test it.
The following message is displayed and the connection to the server is not possible.
==>”Cleartext traffic not Permitted”
I was wondering if there is a way to use it on Tablet as well in its current state.

Thank you.

Hi guys,
I can´t connect to the app, the error is cleartext traffic not permitted:. Could you please help me?


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