Ventor News. February 2021

Interview with the Ventor app’s developer

Recently, our lead android developer Mark Tushkevich gave an interview to the App of the Day. He revealed challenging aspects of developing utilitarian mobile apps for ERP systems (like Odoo), how we figure out and implement the needs of end-users while solving their pains, why Ventor is better than other apps for Odoo warehouse management, and also our plans to further improve the application. Read it here – Ventor: Barcode app for Odoo inventory management! Interview with the developer of a fantastic app

Ventor app (Odoo barcode scanner) review

Also, an online app catalog published a major review about Ventor (Odoo Inventory mobile app) and mentioned its usage simplicity, the way the app provides information about products, and its easy implementation of pick navigation (Ventor builds optimal routes for pickers in your warehouse). Read the full review here.


We are happy to see that our application becomes more popular and useful for businesses and people. Feel free to provide your feedback. It helps us to make Ventor even better.

Upcoming features

  • Printing product labels, Lot/SN labels via Ventor (using Odoo direct print)
  • Replenishment (replenish stock from a handheld device using Odoo routes)
  • Sound and vibration assistant

Free trial here

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