mERP Warehouse supports 10 new Zebra mobile computers

mERP Warehouse supports Zebra scanners

This month, we have expanded the list of scanning devices supported by mERP Warehouse app. You can now use 10 new Zebra professional barcode scanners along with all our other supported devices.

This means the app now functions with more than 15 devices:
Zebra Mobile Computers
The devices below should have Android OS version 4.1-7.0
TC70/70x and TC75/75x

Newland Mobile Computer
Symphone N2S (Kit-Kat / Lollipop)

ScanSKU Mobile Computer
M Series Rugged Android Barcode Scanner (Lollipop)

The addition of these new devices should cover the needs of all kinds of mERP Warehouse users, from small business owners to large enterprises. Whether you want an affordable solution or one that is reliable and robust for large storage facilities, these devices will work for you.

Moreover, they are perfect for field-work where moisture, dust and extreme temperatures can be an issue. Similarly, they are ideal for the healthcare sector where high levels of hygiene and sterility must be maintained, as they are easy to clean and sanitize.
For example:

A new Zebra flagship device TC8000, designed from the ground up, can save an extra hour of productivity, per worker, per day. It has a new ergonomic multi-modal design, lighter weight, quick battery-swapping function and top hardware specifications. These features make TC8000 the leader among current barcode scanners.

It is perfect for large warehouses, e.g. big 3pl providers or huge wholesalers. The price is in line with these kinds of operations, starting from $2200.


As an alternative to the TC8000, we can recommend the MC33, which replaces the MC32, another bestseller from Zebra. It is a gun-style model with a 4-inch screen and modern Android 7.0 operating system.

The device matches all warehouse requirements, e.g. capturing data from as far away as 70 feet, or withstanding drops from up to 5 feet, and it has a vast number of accessories. The cost is quite reasonable (starting from $1500).


If you are an owner of a small warehouse or a small wholesale shop, you can look at barcode scanners from ScanSKU or Newland.

These models are affordable ($550 and €650), and can be a good alternative to Zebra mobile computers. Despite their low costs the devices possess good technical specifications and high-quality laser scanner modules.
Combining these devices (Zebra, Newland or ScanSKU) with mERP Warehouse gives you a great tool for your warehouse management.
Please note that we don’t sell devices. Please contact your local reseller to purchase them.

If you have or are going to purchase another device that is not from our supported list, you can request the integration with mERP Warehouse. The only condition: your device should work on Android OS 4.1+
The mERP Warehouse app is constantly improved. New features and Odoo 11 support are upcoming, follow the news.
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