The quickest way to make internal transfers in Odoo. Ventor

In this article we show how to make internal transfers in Odoo using the Ventor app – Odoo barcode app for your inventory needs.

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In this article, we are going to discuss the ‘internal transfer’ menu. First of all, let’s open it.

Internal transfers

The first thing that we need to do is choose a warehouse. As a user, we have access to two warehouses but need to work in only one of them.

Internal trasfers photo 2

Remember, if you have the application “Ventor Configuration”, then you can make a default warehouse for which each user inside your system has access. This saves much time for you, as we no longer need to choose a warehouse inside the application. The ‘internal transfer’ menu was developed to move one item from one location to another, as simple as that.

Internal trasfers photo 3

Move an item from one location to another in Odoo via a barcode scanner

So, let’s try moving something. Let’s start by scanning ‘Shelf 1’ as a location from where we want to move an item.

Internal trasfers photo 4

Then, we scan the item we are going to move; it’s a ‘blue cap’. We have two out of two in this location.

Internal trasfers photo 5

Two out of two are available, and we are going to move them to ‘Shelf 3’ by scanning the new shelf assignment.

Internal trasfers photo 6

Remember, you can adjust the quantity using the ‘virtual keyboard’. In our configuration, we make it possible to hide this keyboard, so it can be shown only when we need it. So, move only one item by clicking on ‘Confirm’, as simple as that.

Move an entire package in Odoo via a barcode scanner

In case if you need to move an entire package, you need to scan the package first, without scanning the product. So, let’s scan one of packages.

Internal trasfers photo 8

As this package is placed only in one location, ‘Shelf 2’, we won’t need to scan for location; it’s filled in automatically in the first field. Now we can do two things: We can scan the ‘Destination Location’ and simply move the entire package from one location to the new one. If we are going to scan a product that is placed inside this package, then we will be able to move products from the package, so in our case, we move the entire package. We need to scan only a location:

Internal trasfers photo 9

In ‘Shelf 3’, refills are hidden from the interface right now and we can see only the needed one, so we’re going to move PACK-352 from ‘Shelf 2’ to ‘Shelf 3’. Click on ‘Confirm’, and we’re all done.

Internal trasfers photo 10

Move multiple items in Odoo from different locations to the new one via barcode scanner

Let’s check up a ‘Settings’. Click on the 3 dots and then click on ‘Settings’. Here you will see many different settings. Check them out and read the descriptions in the settings. From there, you can get the information you need to activate selections or not.

Internal transfers settongs

While in the settings, you can adjust the application according to your business flow. For now, we are looking for ‘Move multiple items’. We want to show you how to move multiple items at once rather than moving them one by one, as we saw before.

Let’s scroll ‘back’, and now you can see that the interface was updated.

Internal trasfers photo 11

So, we are going to scan two items to move them at the same time. Let’s scan ‘Blue cap’. Here you can see that we need to scan a location to confirm from where we’re going to grab this item.

Internal trasfers photo 12

‘Shelf 1’, and the second product, ‘Groot statuette’, from the ‘Shelf 2’.

Internal trasfers photo 13

Now we can click on the three dots and click ‘Move’ to choose the new location manually, or we can simply scan the new destination location for where we want to move these two items. For our example, we scan ‘Shelf 3’, and then we will see the message ‘Moving items to ‘Shelf 3’ and ‘Move’.

Internal trasfers photo 14

All cases are done! Now you have a good understand of how to use your internal transfer function inside the Ventor application. Feel free to comment below this article.

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