How to quickly check product info in Odoo using a barcode scanner

In this article we show how to quickly check product info using barcode scanner and update quantity.

Also, we recorded a video, and you can watch it on our YouTube channel:

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Case 1: Get information and update quantity

First of all we need to open the ‘Quick Info’ menu. And scan any item right now. For example ‘Green Tea’. We can see the price, quantity on hand, weight, volume and etc.

Below we see where this product is stored, its lot numbers, expiration dates, packages, product owner, how many are reserved and etc.

odoo inventory

We can also scan the location (in our case bin3) to check how many items should be there. The app (and Odoo) thinks that there is only one kilo, but in reality we see two. Let’s update qty on the spot!

odoo qi inventory

let’s check a Serial number. It’s LOT 2. And we enter quantity 2.

odoo wms

And let’s quickly check what’s now in Bin 3. Yes, now we see 2 kilos here.

odoo inventory qty

Case is Done.

Case 2: Change product info and print label in Odoo

Besides of basic info about product you can also see all general information,  and change it. Let’s scan the item (in our case – Groot).

Clicking on the ‘Info icon’, and we see full information about this product: product name, internal reference, barcode ( we can change it or insert if it missed), also we can change routes, odoo product category, weight, volume, tracking, location and other.

odoo info

BTW, we can print the product label right here (Print icon).

odoo wms ventor

But it’s another story, you can find more details in our video “How to print product labels from Odoo directly to a printer with 1 click using Odoo Direct Print PRO“: product labels from Odoo

Case 3: Replenishment

We can scan not only Odoo product barcode, but Lot or Serial number. For example, let’s scan serial number of our Mac Book.

odoo 16 wms

Let’s check in general how many MacBooks we have.

odoo 16 wms

We see that only 3 units left. Let’s replenish them. Click ‘Replenish’ button

odoo ventor app

Let’s replenish for 15 more item, change the ‘Scheduled date’, select a route ‘Buy’ and ‘Replenish’.

odoo ventor

Let’s check created purchase order. We go to the ‘Create Purchase Order ‘.

odoo 16

And we see the last orders, also we see scheduled date, and our MacBook inside.

odoo 16

Case 4: Move products and put them in pack in Odoo

Let’s check the notepads. BTW, you may search for product manually instead of scanning if you wish.

We see that it’s in Bin 4 in Odoo, but in reality in Bin 5. We can easily move this item from one location to another. Click on ‘Transfer’

odoo quick info menu

Select needed warehouse.

odoo wms16

Scan the destination location and let’s also put it in pack. And confirm.

odoo 16 wms

Now let’s return back to the ‘Quick info’ menu and check our package. Now it contains notepads.

odoo 16



Now you know how to quickly check all info about product, location or package via the ‘Quick Info’ menu in the Ventor mobile app. 

BTW, you can call Info right in the middle of processing any warehouse operations, e.g picking. Just click three dots > Quick Info.

ventor app quick info


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