New Ventor app feature – Create IN / OUT transfers in 3 clicks

The new update of the Ventor app, version 2.0.4 is here.
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New Feature

Recently we interviewed our customers regarding improvements they would like to have in the Ventor app.

Based on the responses we developed a new feature “External transfers”. It allows creating IN or OUT transfers without creating purchase or sales orders.

  1. Go to the External transfers menu and choose what transfer to create
mERP with Barcode Scanner mERP Scans Barcode

  1. Scan products you receive or ship and click “Transfer”. That is it. Related transfer (IN or OUT) was created in your Odoo Inventory and products were moved.

mERP with Barcode Scanner mERP Scans Barcode

WHAT else is NEW?

Release notes for the version 1.8.3

  • Force accounting date for the “Instant inventory” menu 
  • Change source location when the setting “Show next product” is switched on for Odoo 10
  • Fix increment by package for the “Warehouse operations” menu
  • Turkish language
  • Two-factor authentication
  • Fixes: Subtotal for order with price list; Increment for a decimal number; Search pack operation by product for Odoo 13

Release notes for the version 1.8.4

  • Support shipping labels printing on any Zebra printer (“Packing” and “Warehouse operation” menus)
  • Possibility to edit already processed lines in the “Warehouse operations” menu
  • Fix for Vendor pricelists and serial numbers for Odoo 11

Release notes for the version 2.0.0

  • Fully updated UX and UI including dark mode (beta)
  • Updates for Arabic, French and Spanish translations
  • Fixes of duplicating users after change password; routing and reservation strategy sorting
  • Possibility scan package name on dialog “Package name”

Release notes for the version 2.0.1

  • New menu “Leave a feedback”
  • UI and UX fixes and improvements
  • Allowing picking any S/N instead default (suggested by Odoo)
  • Reading traceability settings from every operation type for more accurate S/N and Lot management

Release notes for the version 2.0.2

  • UI and UX fixes and improvements
  • Long tap of “C” button to clear all text
  • Bigger images for “Quick info” menu
  • New fields (Carrier, Weight, Priority, Responsible) for the “Warehouse Operations” menu
  • Advanced configurations (main settings)
  • Auto assignment of transfers to a responsible user (Odoo 13)
  • Sorting transfers by priority for the “Warehouse Operations” menu
  • Possibility to print delivery slips
  • Updating the “Manufacturing” menu for Odoo13
  • Fixing UoM issue while receiving and internal movements
  • Bugfix for the “Internal Transfers” menu (creating draft transfer)

Release notes for the version 2.0.3

  • Switch the “Manual input” setting to default
  • Fix manual search in the “Warehouse operations” menu
  • General bugfix and improvements

Release notes for the version 2.0.4

  • New “External transfers” menu. Beta (doesn’t support lot and serials numbers yet)
  • Scan button was moved to the bottom line to simplify scanning from mobile devices
  • General UI and UX fixes and improvements

Suggest your feature

Are you a Ventor user or just testing the app and found the app useful but have no really needed feature? Drop us a mail and describe a business issue. Add screenshots and explain how you would like to improve the app. We will read all emails and choose the best one to implement for free or with a good discount!

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