Release notes / January 2020

The new update of the Ventor app, version 1.8.2 (1.6.0 on Google Play) is here.
Update your app to the latest version to get new features.
Download a 7-day free trial here if you haven’t had a chance to test the app yet.


Release notes for the version 1.8.1

  • Merge the “Inventory Adjustments” and the “One location inventory” menus
  • Create inventory adjustments for several products and locations for Odoo 13
  • Update the “Manufacturing” menu
  • Fixes for Odoo 13
  • Lot/Serial management moved to the main operation screen for the “Internal Transfers”
  • Bugfix for the “Internal Transfers” menu
  • General bugfix and improvements

Release notes for the version 1.8.2

  • Fix for the “Internal transfers” menu (Odoo 13)
  • Change source location feature for Odoo 10
  • Show moves history in the “Internal transfers” menu
  • Moves history shows only transfers in done state


  • New design

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