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Ventor: Lifetime


The lifetime version of our Ventor application.

  • One lifetime license can be used on one device
  • We provide one year support
  • After one year you will still receive updates

You can request a custom quote in case of purchasing licenses in bulk – hello@merpapp.com

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Product Description

Ventor works with Odoo ERP (Community and Enterprise). The app provides instant access to all warehouse operations from an Android-based barcode mobile terminal or just a phone. It makes receiving, delivery and inventory adjustments of goods 3X faster compared to the Odoo web interface.


– Zebra mobile computers (MC33, TC51/56, TC70/75, TC8000 and many others). Read more >
– Any other professional handheld barcode scanning terminal. Read more >
– Bluetooth and wired barcode readers. Read more >
– Any smartphone with Android OS 4.1+. Read more >


Receipt or items delivery based on sales and purchase orders
Processing putaway and changing a destination location of goods during any warehouse operation
– Optimized stock counting processes for fast inventory adjustments
Picking multiple orders at once and optimize a picker route
– Get suggestions about where to pick the next product from the picking list
– Scan a product and get all the information about available quantities or locations
– Move an item from any location to another, in seconds
– Create Sales and Purchase orders directly from a warehouse using only a barcode scanner
– Create and assign lot and serial numbers for any product
– Packages support (working on Odoo 11 and higher)
– Manually input products or locations for non-barcoded products
– The app supports Odoo 8 and higher, Community and Enterprise editions
– Direct access to all Odoo apps with built-in mERP (Odoo Mobile) application
– Simple UI and Google Material design

Download PDF about Ventor

  • Missing a feature? Feel free to request the development;
  • We can create a corporate version on demand (but no whitelabeling);
  • Extended support on demand.

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