Ventor app is ready for Odoo 13

Recently Odoo released a new 13th version of their EPR system. Since the latest update, our Ventor app supports Odoo 13 (both Community and Enterprise versions).

Please update your app to the latest version (1.8.0 or higher) and you will be able to connect it to Odoo 13. If you face some issues using Ventor with Odoo 13, please report them to this email support@ventor.tech and we will fix it asap.

Your feedback about the app is much appreciated!


Ventor works Odoo 8 and higher
Both Community and Enterprise editions

What else?

  • New “Packing” menu to check items while packing
  • Allow searching by custom fields (name_search)
  • Lot/Serial management moved to the main operation screen
  • Manual confirmation of serial numbers, applying default ones
  • “Validate” and “Cancel” buttons for the “One location inventory” and the “Inventory adjustments” menus
  • Update Spanish language package
  • General bugfix and improvements

Download Demo APK >

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