RIS Belgium. The first mERP Platinum Partner


RIS (Real Internet Solutions Belgium) became the first company with mERP Platinum Partner status. The company has twenty years of experience in providing IT solutions on Belgium market. RIS provides full IT infrastructure, High Tech solutions for governmental organisations, Web Applications, ERP and CRM systems.

Xpansa Group jointly with RIS Belgium had developed mERP Warehouse application for Android devices, such as Motorola MC40 and MC32XX scanning devices. Application can work on standard Android phones and tablets too. Specialized hardware provides additional benefits for medium and huge warehouses with additional durability, hardware buttons, speed of operations and scanning in low light conditions.

mERP Platinum Partner
Read more about mERP Warehouse features on our site – https://xpansa.com/merp/merp-warehouse-version-xpansa-ris-belgium/
For implementations and demonstration in Belgium please contact RIS
Real Internet Solutions bvba
Rijksweg 24, 8520 Kuurne
T: +32(0)56325027
F: +32(0)56325029
E-mail: sales@ris.be

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