Release notes / October 2019

The new update of the Ventor app, version 1.7.9 (1.5.7 on Google Play) is here.
Update your app to the latest version to get new features.
Download a 7-day free trial here if you haven’t had a chance to test the app yet.


Release notes for the version 1.7.7

  • Possibility to create a new LOT number manually in the “Instant Inventory” menu
  • New settings to hide Numpad for small screens
  • New button “Putaway” to see all locations where you can put products while receiving them
  • New design of the manual input button. One setting for all fields
  • Added settings for hiding packages and product owner
  • Auto re-connection to the server when the session has expired
  • Vibration mode setting (experimental)
  • Hold latest scanned location while making “Instant Inventory”
  • Autofill for location in the “Instant Inventory” menu
  • UI improvements and bug fixing

Release notes for the version 1.7.8

  • Global refactoring and small fixes to maximize stability of the app
  • New functionality that allows creating new packages (pallets) manually in the “Internal Transfers” menu
  • Added a new setting to change destination location in the “Warehouse Operations”
  • New filters and statuses for the “Batch Picking”, “Inventory Adjustment”, “Create Sales/Purchase orders” menus
  • New search for PO and SO menu
  • French and Spanish translation
  • Added warning dialog for an insecure connection

Release notes for the version 1.7.9

  • UI adjustments for the “Warehouse Operations” menu
  • UI adjustments for the “Batch Picking” menu
  • Support of multi-barcodes module
  • New settings to prohibit changing of a destination location
  • Improvements for search even by custom fields


  • Support of Odoo 13
  • The “Packing” menu

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