Release notes / June 2019

The new update of the Ventor app, version 1.7.6 (1.5.3 on Google Play) is here.
Update your app to the latest version to get new features.
Download a 7-day free trial here if you haven’t had a chance to test the app yet.


New settings for Internal Transfers

Autofilling source location

If the setting is disabled, you have to scan source location, product, and then destination location.

If the setting is active, you may scan a product, and the app will autofill the source location where this product is located or ask you to choose the location if the product is stored in many locations. Useful in case you have no locations’ barcodes.

Allowing to move missed items

The setting allows moving any items from any locations (even if you have no enough items in stock or they were reserved for another move). Please be careful with this setting.

Go to Internal transfers > three dots on the upper right corner > Settings

Creating a new customer or supplier in sales and purchase orders

Often, when you sell items to your new client or make a procurement from a new vendor you need to create them in Odoo. Since the last update, Ventor allows performing this directly from the app while you creating a sales or purchase order.

Open “Create Sales / Purchase order” menu > Click “+” > “Choose a customer manually” > “Create” > input your client / supplier details.

Package management support

We have added the option to assign a package through all warehouse operations, Internal transfers, and Instant Inventory. You can move as a whole package as transfer some items from one package to another. Activate this setting in case:

  • you ship bundles (package with a barcode) of your products to customers, not just one item
  • you move items from one package to another
  • you use packages as non-stationary locations (pallets) to receipt items on them and then putaway a whole package (pallet)

Note that this setting is visible only if the Delivery Packages setting is active on your Odoo instance.


Applying default lots

Activate this setting for those warehouse zones where you don’t need to confirm lots. E.g. you disable the setting for picking zone and confirm lot numbers for each picked item, and activate for packing zone, so you don’t need to scan the same lot numbers already assigned to the items on picking. They will be applied automatically from the previous movement.

From the other hand if this setting is active on receipt zone you don’t need to insert LOTs for all incoming items. They will be auto-applied by default from Odoo (e.g 0000001, 0000002, etc.)

Note: applying default Serial Numbers will be implemented in one of the next updates.

To manage this setting, go to needed zone > click “details” on any transfer card > open the drop down menu by clicking three dots > Settings

Lot Numbers support in Odoo 8

You can move items tracked by lots using “Internal transfers” menu.

Ability to print picking order before starting picking directly from the app

If you click the printer icon on any transfer card, a PDF file will be downloaded to your device.

We are also developing a special module that allows setting up printing these orders directly on any printer in your warehouse. Subscribe to our newsletter to don’t miss out the update.

UI Improvements

We made some improvements in the app interface. Find out more about some of them below.

Always on the “Lot” field in all Warehouse operations

We moved the field from the drop-down menu directly to the operation screen to speed up warehouse operations. Now you can scan LOT number right after the product.

The similar field for Serial Numbers will be implemented in one of the next updates.


New UI for Batch Picking menu


New keyboard layout


Dark mode

This experimental setting available in the main app menu allows switching Ventor interface to a high-contrasted dark mode. Reduces the vision strain, especially in low light conditions.


Changes in card clicking actions

Click on a card to start picking immediately, or click “Details” button to check out the transfer details.

Suggest your feature

Are you a Ventor user or just testing the app and found the app useful but have no really needed feature? Drop us a mail and describe a business issue. Add screenshots and explain how you would like to improve the app. We will read all emails and choose the best one to implement for free or with a good discount!

* * *

If you experience any issues with our app, you can contact our support team through the feedback form in the app or by dropping us an email at support@merpapp.com.

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  • Paul Orellana on July 14, 2019 at 11:33 am Reply

    Do you haver loyalti app for connect with odoo, I need my cuatomer could see how much points they have.

    • Administrator on July 15, 2019 at 7:58 am Reply

      Hello Paul,

      we have no such app. This is definitely a new application for external users (not for Odoo users).
      We can discuss the implementation of such an app for you. Please drop us an email on hello@ventor.tech
      Need to provide more details on how do you want to see such an app.

      Waiting for your email.

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