Release notes / April 2019

Ventor release notes

We have released a new update of the Ventor app, version 1.7.4 (1.5.1 on Google Play).
Update your app to the latest version to get new features.
You can also download a demo APK here (7-day free trial).

What’s new?

New UI for stock pickings

All necessary information is available on picking cards.

New filters and manual search for all operations

Now you can easily find critical operations while applying various filters.

Support of Lots/SN for the batch picking menu

Support of product owner for all operations

We have added the option to assign a product owner through all warehouse operations. This is usually used by 3PL companies.

Activated along with the Consignment setting in Odoo

New settings menu

Settings are combined by groups:

  • Ventor configurations
  • Data collection
  • Update management
  • License manager

Allows for disabling of automatic updates

Sometimes a warehouse manager needs to make additional tests of new features before updating all devices in a warehouse. So, it is now possible to disable automatic updates for such devices.
Go to the triple-dotted menu on top of the main screen.

Ability to move reserved QTY in internal transfers

Notification about license expiration date

Appears in two weeks before the expiration date.

German and French language pack updates

What was fixed

  • Searches in the batch picking menu
  • Screen refreshes in all transfers
  • Editing fields of the types “text” and “html” (mERP part)
  • Priority strategy for “Warehouse operations” and “Picking wave” menus

If you experience any issues with our app, you can contact our support team through the feedback form in the app or by dropping us an email at support@merpapp.com.

Download Demo APK >

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