09/17/2014 – Odoo SAAS mobile and other changes on mERP

mERP Odoo Cloud

Good news for all users of mERP Odoo mobile application. Support for Odoo SAAS is now available starting from version 1.0.106. You can use mERP with your Odoo SAAS account (accounts.odoo.com). If you have not yet installed Odoo mobile client it’s time to download it on google play (one month free) or buy full version on our site.

For those who constantly monitors development process of our application we prepared a surprise: 2 big changes are coming soon. Of course it’s a secret. But those who have send request for a partnership to us will know about it first. Full list of latest changes can be found below.

– Calendar auto-synchronization.
– Odoo SaaS support (accounts.odoo.com).
– Odoo online home support.
– oAuth support.
– Multiple users support (switch between users, SaaS instances, delete).
– Odoo 8 warnings support.

– Fix keyboard disappearing.
– Fix input field data change handling.
– Fix OpenERP v6 versions recognition.
– Fix multi-user (don’t save not authenticated users).
– Fix active record for buttons (context).
– Fix Odoo.com authorization.
– Fix quick search domain.
– Fix Android 4.4 KitKat file attachments.
– Fix user selection at login screen.
– Fix Http 3xx redirect.
– Fix project tasks.
– Fix access rights visibility in edit mode.
– Fixed v8 onChange event.
– Fixed onChange 2many values.
– Fixed erp selection.
– Fixed device info check.
– Fix edition of local created model (2many widget).
– Fixed crashes.
– Fix license check.
– Fixed redirect for server url.
– Fixed mail.thread: display attachment list.
– Fixed domain and context conflict for actions.
– Fixed default filters: add field and search filter support.
– Fixed button action filter.
– Fixed default fields and duplicates in calendar sync settings

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