mERP Warehouse Connects ScanSKU and Odoo 8, 9 and 10

The new Android Barcode Scanner is on board!

The only app making a connection between Odoo ERP and PDA scanners – mERP Warehouse is now supporting a new mobile computer ScanSKU PDA

ScanSKU scanner’s main features

– Built-in 1D & 2D barcode scanner
– 4-inch durable backlit touch screen
– Cortex-A53 64bit Quad-Core CPU
– 2Gb of RAM
– Removable battery
– Android 5.1
– From $555

For full device specifications, visit the ScanSKU official site.

The flagship barcode scanner from Australian headquartered manufacturer ScanSKU runs on Android OS (5.1), built strong and rugged for tough environments in your warehouse. Now you can easily make all warehouse operations, without even interacting with the Odoo web interface (such as receipt, putaway, internal transfers, delivery, and inventory).

We’d like to thank the ScanSKU company for their help with this implementation!

mERP Warehouse supports next devices

Zebra Mobile Computers
– MC32 (Jellybean)
– MC40 (Jellybean)
– MC67 (Jellybean)
– TC55 (Jellybean)
– TC70 (Lollipop)
– TC75 (Lollipop)

Newland Mobile Computer
– Symphone N2S (Kit-Kat / Lollipop)

ScanSKU Mobile Computer
– M Series Rugged Android Barcode Scanner (Lollipop)


Didn’t find your scanner or PDA? We can integrate your device with the mERP Warehouse app.
Please drop us a mail – hello@merpapp.com

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