“mERP Warehouse” got a global update!

mERP Warehouse global update

Dear users and partners!

We have recently released the new functional update for mERP Warehouse. Make sure you know how to use all the new features of the app to improve your processes.

Picking waves

The app allows picking multiple orders at once. You can create a bundle of orders in Odoo or use “mERP Warehouse”. The “mERP Warehouse” will optimally route a picker through locations. You can thus collect 10 sales orders with one route.

Lot management

The app allows you to create a lot number for any product, during warehouse operations. Also, it shows already created lot numbers in a list that you can choose from.

Manual entry of product

The app allows you to choose products from the list, not by scanning a barcode. It comes in handy for non-barcoded products, or when the barcode cannot be scanned.

Suggest next product

The app suggests where to pick the next product from the picking list. The picking process has become straightforward and simple for the picker of any level of experience.

Instant movements

Move an item from any location to another, just in 5 seconds. Scan the item, scan the location where are you going to move the item and confirm quantities.
Please check the version of your app to make sure you have the latest one (1.4.1+). If you have not installed the app yet, you can download it from Google Play (15 days trial) or buy the full version from our web shop

Soon we’ll announce more new features and publish the full guide for the app.
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