How to buy mERP licenses?

How to buy mERP licenses

This article is describing steps to buy mERP licenses for your individual or company use. If you want to sell licenses with us please go to a partnership page and submit your request for partnership.

It is very simple! Please looks at the screenshots, all actions take 5 minutes.

1. Go to the homepage – merpapp.com and click the last item of menu – “My Account”


2. After that you will come to register page. (If you have account go to step №3) For creating new account you need to enter your email and password only. Password should be at least 8 characters. Congratulation you have a new merpapp account!


3. In the “My Account” page click “Buy new license” button


4. Choose quantity of licenses per year that you need


5. Please insert all the informations about you. If you will pay a licenses from company name please mark the checkbox and add the additional data


6. Please check all entered data and choose the payment method – Direct Bank Transfer or PayPal/Credit Card and push the place order button


7. If you choose PayPal purchase method you will redirect to PayPal purchase page. Follow the instruction on the paypal.com to finish purchase.

If you choose Direct Bank Transfer then you will go to the last order confirmation page. Please check again all displayed info and if all right click to the “my account” menu


8. In “My Account” you will see all licenses that you bought for all time. You will be able to download custom mERP application for all displayed licenses. Just click the link “Download” in the last column.
If you haven’t paid for license yet you will see it in Recent Orders list (with status “on hold”).



In case of Direct Bank transfer licenses will be delivered to you only after paying the invoice. Invoice will be sent to you via e-mail.


9. Note: that during PayPal payment if you are not yet PayPal user you will be requested to create account and enter credit card details for quick payment. In case of PayPal payment license will be delivered to you immediately after payment.


Congratulations! That’s all. Good luck for your business!


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