How to add digital signature feature in mERP (Odoo Mobile)

Dear customers and partners!

We receive many emails with questions about Digital Signature feature in mERP. The most frequent questions are “How can I add it?” or “How to setup this feature?”. We have prepared a small instruction. It contains two ways how to do this.

The first way (Easy)
You can install our demo module on your instance of Odoo ERP. The current module is adding digital signature demo.

Download Digital Signature Demo

So you just simply need to follow instructions:

  1. Install module in your Odoo ERP to add digital signature to customer invoices
  2. Go to menu Accounting -> Customer invoices
  3. Enter Edit Mode
  4. Click Button “Customer Signature”
  5. Submit Signature and save invoice
  6. Now click context menu at the top-right corner, click Print – Invoice

This module also can be tested on our demo server in mERP app. You need to logout from your account and click “Run Demo” button. Than follow instructions above to find it in mERP Demo.

Digital signature feature in mERP (Odoo Mobile)

Second way (Little harder)

If you would like to use it in any module this way is for you. To integrate draw signature feature, you should make a little change in xml definition of the form, for binary field:

<field name=”signature” widget=”screen_draw” draw_height=”150″ draw_width=”150″/>
or just
<field name=”signature” widget=”screen_draw”/>
widget=”screen_draw” – is required attribute to define that special widget will be used to modify field.
draw_height=”150″, draw_width=”150″ – target image width and height attributes, not required.

After successful configuration of the widget, mERP will provide custom editor for this field – Screen Drawer. Hope this ways is not very hard and you can do it yourself.

Also read the full story how we did this with RU3IX (mERP Partner) on our site – https://xpansa.com/merp/digital-signature-in-merp/

If you have questions, please, put them in comments below.


  • Khalid on July 19, 2018 at 5:44 am Reply

    Is this module compatible with Odoo 11?

  • Vinay Khosla on July 28, 2018 at 10:04 am Reply

    Hi, Is the module also compatible with Odoo 10 Community edition?

    As mentioned in the document above, I clicked on “Run Xpansa Demo” and logged into the application (your demo server). But I couldn’t find any button “Customer Signature” on any of the customer invoices to test this out.

    Can you tell us which module’s xml file needs to be modified where you had cited the instructions “Second way (Little harder)”?

    Can the above module be integrated with Delivery Order & take signatures from customers directly within the merp free app?


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