How to activate a free mERP version

activate a free merp

Since March 2018, the mERP app is available as a free version. Here is a short guide on how to use mERP for free.

Read about the differences between the free and pro versions here


  1. If you already subscribed to the paid version on Google Play
    Congrats, you can change the app’s logo, get advance support and deactivate push messages.
  2. If you purchased the app but now want to use mERP for free
    Just stop your subscription of Google Play and choose a free subscription inside the app. Note that the free version has no extra features.

  1. If you use a trial from google play or just haven’t had a chance to test the app
    Just open the app (or download the app from Google Play), click “Get free or subscribe” and choose free or paid subscription.

That is it, now you can have a fully fledged Odoo ERP in your pocket absolutely free. mERP app becomes available for everyone.


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