First ERP in the world that has built-in proactive Employees’ Health protection!

Dear Friends!

From time to time we are receiving customers’ emails asking to make mERP even simpler, as they cannot use it while driving a car or a motorcycle. We thought ok, why not? Let’s do it! =)

However, we think that it is our obligation to inform our customers about possible danger to run their companies while driving. And we did not just a new but also extremely safe application.

How’s it working?

Phone or tablet sensors identify you position and movements. mERP is doing high-level intelligent analysis and predicts if it is safe to work or better to do this task later. Note If you want to use this feature please turn on the GPS on your device.

mERP Odoo Mobile

Xpansa doesn’t advise to work over the speed 15 km/h

So now when you are riding horse and trying to fill in lead details with mERP, a gentle warning will ask if you are safe. The system will propose to manage the company later in a quieter place. This way Odoo became first ERP in the world that has built-in proactive Employees’ Health protection =)

Be safe!

Start managing your business safely today! – Download mERP on Google Play

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